Praise for ABOVE ALL

* * * * 1/2 “ … recognized for his gifts as a composer… everything comes together so well…the poignant ‘Above All,’ a rich ballad dedicated to his late father that changes its mood from melancholy to joy…His intricate ‘Lullaby for Cecelia’ is a shimmering waltz, while ‘Like It Is’ is a compelling blend of funk and Latin … Recommended.
Ken Dryden,

…an incredibly distinctive voice for modern jazz.  A far cry from the stereotypical piano trio … ‘Above All’ is a lovely tribute and captivating piece showcasing King’s rare gift… King’s ability to manipulate dynamics for powerful effect is indeed a thing of beauty. ‘The Silver Lining’ is indicative of the deep rich sonic color palette from which King creates. A deceptively subtle swing combined with a more direct harmonic sense of purpose highlights this formidable trio as well as any of the eleven tunes found on this most solid release. Far from just another piano trio, Above All welcomes the return of Jonny King with a recording that quickly finds a place in the memorable pile for 2012!
Brent Black,

This Sunnyside debut…is most welcome…  The title track is an introspective and haunting ballad that he wrote in tribute after his father died in 2009.   ‘Spindrift’ is an uptempo burner. ‘Neither Here Nor There,’ written for the late Tony Reedus, swings mightily. ‘Catharsis’ and ‘The Silver Lining’ are also gems. There is much to dig here.
Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

Above All is “his excellent fourth recording as a leader… Modernist King’s original material is always a treat for its beauty and introspection.”
Hot House, July 2013

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General Reviews

Pianist Jonny King represents the best of what jazz has to offer in the 90s. Well-educated, urbane and articulate, King translates his intelligence into sophisticated and finely-wrought performances and compositions.
Sid Gribetz, JazzTimes

…the acute instincts and the easy touch of a well-schooled natural.
The New Yorker

He’s a thinkers’ composer and pianist, a young mainstream musician whose work is subtle and as such respected by musicians.
Peter Watrous, The New York Times

King must have discovered early in life the full ramifications of the fact that the piano is a percussion instrument, since his touch and attack on the keys are a marvel of precision, variation and sensuality. King’s compositions are first-rate, serious jazz works.
John Payne, Harvard Magazine

…tremendously, talented pianist…
The Houston Post